It’s time for a
Decentralized Revolution

A revolution for our freedom.
Are you one of us?

You’re Personally Invited to our Mastermind in Costa Rica

February 23 – March 3

Punta Mona & Envision

Punta Mona

The first leg of our journey begins with a private mastermind at a beautifully remote ecovillage on the carribean coast of Costa Rica with one of the most biodiverse permaculture food forests to ever exist.

Next Stop: Envision

After we take private jets accross the mountains to the Pacific Coast of the country where we land at one of the richest festivals with our own camp and stage where we hand the mic to our attendees to shine on camera and in front of the crowd! A perfect celebration for our tribe.

Our mission is to profilerate
freedom culture



A collective state of being that empowers and encourages all individuals to contribute their unique gifts to the world

Our First Goal is Simple:

To assemble a 150 PERSON strong tribe of dedicated “Superheroes” who are commited to proliferating Freedom Culture, developing, supporting and adhering to decentralized solutions, building world changing organizations, participating in an incubator program and fund for collective ideas all the while creating a bridge between individual ROI and the other ROI - Ripple of Impact.

Who We Are:

An international community of

  • Change Makers
  • Influencers
  • Marketing Wizards
  • Leaders
  • Artists
  • Healers
  • Solutionaries
  • Ecopreneurs
  • Philanthropreneurs

...and more!

We come from many different markets, industries and areas of expertise and focus; yet we share a common desire to make a true and lasting positive impact in the world.

Our unique community is birthing a new model of collaboration and creation. We are here to anchor real solutions beyond just a personal brand and into active co-creation. We are here to anchor resolutions and birth new models of collaboration, coherence, innovation and visibility.




Tribe and


We Unite Influencers

Through the curation of invite only mastermind experiences, to the development of decentralized tools for the use of the greater community, we create powerful experiences for our tribe to connect, rally and build trust both physically and digitally.

We Tell Stories

By leveraging the presence of powerful influencers at our gatherings, we support creatives to tell engaging stories that shift the narrative on social media to be more constructive and thought-provoking as well as providing a decentralized distribution network as a catalyst for shifting culture.

We Empower Educators

We are committed to spreading the deeper wisdom of our tribe by supporting the launches of online courses and in person mentorships to financially support our individual projects within a collective container.

We Incubate Ideas

We fund, mentor and support philanthropreneurs & their teams that align the ROI of Return on Investment with the other ROI - Ripple of Impact. We have carefully crafted a streamlined incubator process that focuses on launching collaborative projects for structural flourishing.

Hear Our Personal Stories as to
Why We Are Creating This

David Weber
Samantha Lotus
Marc Angelo
Luke Kohen

Need More Reasons? Sure!

Opportunity to Create Content

Wellness Lounge and Team to help you heal your body

Powerful entrepreneurial hacks and insight

Accomodations and Organic Food Covered

Private Jet Flight from Punta Mona to Envision

Ability to lead breakout, stage talk or interview with our content team capturing it

Our Progress So Far

More Than Just an Event
This is a Tribe

Ask/offer matching system technology

live classes with mastermind experts reserved for the tribe

Development of tools and technology to link us together AND KEEP US IN CONNECTION POST EVENT

See You in the Jungle?

Jungle: February 23 - March 3

Envision: February 28 - March 3

Can’t Make the Whole Thing?
Join Us at Envision Camp

What This is Not

  • This is not another pitch-fest for upselling.
  • This is not a typical mastermind where one or two people are positioned and teaching everyone else.
  • This is not a group of talking heads with a ton of crammed back to back keynotes and no interaction.
  • This is not held in a conference centre, hotel or someone’s livingroom.
  • This is not an unorganized, unstructured or excessively loose container or luxury retreat.

Why Come

  • It’s not everyday that there is an opportunity to dive deep with a diverse and unique group of influencers and change makers for 9 days in the jungles of Costa Rica and explore how we can expand our ripple of impact in the world.
  • Become part of an emergent eco-system of projects and people.
  • Contribute to the narrative of Freedom Culture and this emerging movement.
  • Make lifelong allies and take you mission to the next level. Engage in personal development through “I AM” a gamified experience and player map emergent offerings uniquely crafted through personalized Quests at a Punta Mona.
  • Dive deep into the process of collaboration, open space and Quests.
  • Enjoy movement and other practices every morning to energize.
  • Eat delicious locally sourced organic meals everyday.
  • Experience this level of work in a pristine and gorgeous natural paradise.

Again we ask,
Are you one of us?